Earn Rewards Up To Hundreds of Dollars With Fluidity Money & Request Finance!

• Fluidity Money is partnering with Request Finance to offer rewards for using its stablecoins.
• Rewards can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars and are split between the sender and the receiver.
• Fluidity Money plans to expand its rewards offering by enabling users to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as rewards.

Fluidity Money Partners With Request Finance

Fluidity Money, a „spend-to-earn“ DeFi protocol, has announced a partnership with enterprise crypto payments app Request Finance. This will give users the chance to receive significant rewards when they use Fluid stablecoins to make payments through the app.

How Does It Work?

Users mint new Fluid Assets within the Fluidity Webapp on a one-to-one basis (e.g 1 fUSDC for 1 USDC). When these tokens are used for payments, 80% of any yield generated by depositing USDC or USDT into third-party DeFi protocols such as Compound is used to fund cashback rewards. These rewards have a 40%-70% chance of being higher than the amount sent, and are split 80%-20% between senders and receivers.

What Kind of Rewards Can be Earned?

The rewards earned from using Fluid stablecoins range from a few cents up to hundreds of dollars. Additionally, Fluidity Money plansto expand its reward offering by allowing users to earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well – which could represent anything from tickets to physical events, merchant credits like air miles or digital collectibles.

Request Finance Overview

Request Finance serves thousands of businesses with features such as invoice payment requests, payroll expenses and more – making it one of the most widely used crypto payment apps out there today. By partnering with them, Fluidity Money brings its cashback reward scheme directly into those businesses‘ payment systems..


This partnership between Fluidity Money and Request Finance is set to bring massive benefits for both businesses and individuals who use their services – giving them access to potentially huge rewards each time they make payments using Fluid stablecoins instead of regular cryptocurrencies.