$10M MEME Special Fund Launched by LBank Labs to Support Industry Growth

• LBank Labs has announced the launch of a $10 Million MEME Special Fund to promote high-quality early-stage MEME projects and foster industry growth.
• The fund will be used to directly donate to eligible project teams, with a leaderboard announcing the list of recipients.
• The application process is straightforward and clear, with details available on LBank Labs‘ website in early July.

LBank Labs Launches $10 Million MEME Special Fund

LBank Labs, the venture capital arm of the global exchange LBank, recently announced the establishment of a $10 Million MEME Special Fund. This move is intended to encourage quality early-stage innovative MEME projects and foster industry growth. It will also give back to the wider community by allocating funds based on the quality and influence of projects, which will be donated directly to eligible project teams. A leaderboard will be established periodically announcing the list of recipients and their accomplishments/contributions for further stimulating industry innovation and growth.

Application Process

The application process for this fund is straightforward and clear. Details on how to apply as well as further information can be found on LBank Labs‘ official website in early July. All globally outstanding MEME innovative projects are invited to apply for this fund in order to join hands in driving industry growth together with LBank Labs.

Goals & Objectives

LBank Labs looks forward to further stimulating MEME innovation on a global scale through this special fund, bringing more vitality and development opportunities into the industry. In addition, it seeks to strengthen cooperation among its investments by investing in 12 Web3 funds thus far with plans for expansion moving forward into 2023’s second quarter as part of its larger goal of promoting technological innovation and application development within blockchain technology overall so that an open, transparent, fair world can eventually become a reality through its power alone.


Currently managing $100 million in assets dedicated towards startups and Web3 funds alike, LBank remains committed towards driving these goals set forth by its team of leaders who look forward towards continuing paving new paths within for blockchain innovation within many different realms ahead such as finance or gaming etc…

Contact Information

For more information about LBank Exchange please contact press@lbank.info or visit their social media pages @l Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l LinkedIn l Instagram l YouTube today!